This series was inspired by a giant sheet of cardboard containing a storage shed we bought. The cardboard takes the linocut ink so beautifully and responds so well to paint and crayon and all my materials, I often go back to it---and paper. A lot of this work was in my show at the Torrance Art Museum, and dealt with forms of shelter and food. Hence, the title. He sings, she eats, mixed media on cardboard; 2006Shelter; Mixed media on cardboard.Ghost girl. Monoprint on paper.Harbor dogs: mixed media on paper.Harbor smileHarbored dreams: Mixed media on cardboard.Lunch; mixed media on cardboardShe falls down: Acrylic on paperLady-of-the-house-plant: Collage and mixed media on cardboard.Where is it?: Acrylic on paper.Boy meets owl on roof: Mixed media on cardboard.Treehouse Refugee; 72HungryI shall then bytte thee with my dogge: oil, oil crayon; on wood panel.